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Invasive Species Marketplace.

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Bioinvaders Incorporated

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Ecosystem Restoration

At our company, we solve environmental problems with a market based approach.  Every time we sell a speciemsn we remove a bioinvader from a compromised habitat.  We are an environmental company and a world class speciemen provider.

Laboratory Instruction

Our specimens are the best most instructional speciemns on the market that also have a positive impact on the environment..  Choose us to contribute to saving the environement.

Quality Guaranteed

The world of science and technology can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to provide our clients high-quality specimens for teaching and research. No matter the discipline or type of research, we pride ourselves on providing professional results. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

Meet the Team

Founder Chief Executive

As the founder of Bioinvaders, Brett Scott, MBA is dedicated to solving environmental problems through business.  He is a graduate of Cornell University and UCSD.

Cofounder Finance

As an early investor Brandon Scott was the cofounder of Bioinvaders.  His career is specialized in project controls, and he makes many financial decisions for the company.

Corpporate Controller

As a minority shareholder, Joan Scott also executes financial deals for Bioinvaders and serves as a board member for the corporation.

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We know that our clients each have special needs and circumstances. Tell us more about your project, and we will get back to you soon with some ideas of how we can support you in organizing your process and results.

BioInvaders Incorporated

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